by Corduroi

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Jangala (a term meaning uncharted territories in sanskrit) is the third Ep by Austin, Tx based electronic composer Cody Wilson AKA: Corduroi. While his first two EPs established Corduroi as a producer with an exciting and expanding pallet of sounds, his third finds him rounding together his visions with a conceptual story of a shipwrecked adventure on an exotic island. The opening Track "Manomai" is a frothing and hectic barrage of anime inspired chaos that churns from 8-bit to hip-hop to black metal before finally clearing into a serene string arrangement. "Manomai" is representative of the overwhelming spasm of trends and influences that electronic producers are subject to and burdened by. It is clear that after the onslaught of the first minute of Jangala, Corduroi has effectively crashed his own ship in order to explore new territories. Whereas previous releases, "Anything for Now" and "Future Adventures", are heavy with outsourced samples, "Jangala" relies much more on Cody as a multi-instrumentalist and includes guitar loops, kalimba, glockenspiel, wurlitzers, ukelele, pots and pans and ambient field recordings. "Secret Treehouse" begins as a fluttering, free form exploration of a junglescape that leads into "Dream Lemur/ Low Tides", a track that starts off as a swelling aqua-dance groove that foregoes dropping the beat and goes straight into something akin to dropping acid in a lagoon filled with bioluminescent algae. Jangala continues with the exploration of the sublime and exotic with the short and sweet interlude "Petite" followed by a collaboration with his brother Cole Wilson in "Qualia" that injects a strange improvised melody line into the established lushness. The nine minute long album closer "Syzygy" starts off with a pulsing static decay that flirts with jazzy vibraphones and stand up bass before exploding into a full on beachfront ritual dance-orgy. With Jangala, Corduroi has imagined an environ and adventure that will leave you wanting to go native, but to where? - Raw Paw

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released 20 April 2013
Produced by Cody Wilson

Mastered by James Wilcox at Dub Academy

Artwork by Nick Gregg



all rights reserved


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